Gemini: The Duplicate Finder App Reviews

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Love it!

I had this product for a week now and I was able to free up 10GB of duplicates. Love the design and very user friendly.

Worth the money

The user interface is intuitive and over all prettty nice. In my expereince the solution works well. I paid $10. It identified the duplicates. I was able to review all duplicate files and decide which copy I wished to destroy. I freed up 30 GB of storage and I am comfortable no valuable files were elinimated unknowingly. I use it every few days now.

Great functionality with a confusing User Interface

Gemini has helped me more than once to identify duplicates and triples. Great functionality! But the user interface is a blend of unusual and confusing. When I try to remove a duplicate, I click the button “Remove Selected” in the upper right location. Nothing happens, because I have to do one more step to remove the duplicates with the “Remove" Button. Where do I find it? Not at an intuitive place. There are instructions to find it: “Use the button right in the lower corner to remove the listed duplicates.” At least it should say "“Use the button in the lower right corner to remove the listed duplicates.” But why do I have to read these instructions anyway? Why not place the “Remove" button at the same location as the “Remove Selected” button? In this case no instructions would be needed at all.

In Love

Love this program!!!!!!! now i wish it would clean out my closets , my desk, my drawers and my head!!!! I got rid of about 50 GB of pictures etc. THE BEST!!!!!

So far so great

Been using it tons for the past 2 days and I love it. It’s actually an incredible piece of technology to do what it does so quickly. User interface shows a lot of care. Well done!

could be better

for owning clean my mac witch really cleans this is just ok... says it finds let say 3gb duplicate files but then only deletes 500mb

Absolutely the worse software I have ever used!

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS APP!!! I have had this program installed on my imac going through several versions including the support for El Capitan. Its capability to locate duplicates in iTunes is absolutely horrid. I have used other apps and from Gemini it goes from ‘found 1’ dup to Tune Sweeper 4 and found correctly ~500 duplicate songs! Another app that I used found hundreds correctly and is DupeGuru ME. The algorithm on Gemini needs serious work (really needs to be erraticaed as its a waste of time to use) and it seems as though it spins through the circle pasifying one with its quips and quotes yet fails. Biggest waste of money spent on software yet!

Useful for identifying duplicates, needs work on scaling

11/23/15 - Its been several months and a few updates to this app since my original review - now instead of the below issue where dupes where incorrectly identified I have terabytes worth of data that it is not seeing as duplicates. MD5 checksums verify they are exact matches and the names are exact matches. What I liked: - Fairly straightforward interface. - The "Select Duplicates In" option was great for ensuring the copy I wanted to keep wasnt deleted. This feature is exactly what I needed. - The graphing and filtering options helped me identify key problem areas. - Found and helped remove 1.5TB of duplicates across multiple drives. What I didnt like: - There was at least one instance where the MD5 checksums of three files flagged as being duplicates of each other did not match. They did have the same byte size, but different names. Ive edited this to change my rating as it does auto-select them as dupes if they are in different folders (originally I thought it was ignoring them through auto selection tools - but they were in the same folder then). This is pretty serious and may have resulted in lost data for me, especially since I was working with such a large volume of files my oppurtunity for multiple same size files was high. - The marketing suggests it will take literally seconds even with enormous storages - it took several hours to scan my drives (10TB). All though I expected that, I could see others being disappointed as a result of the claims made on the website. - When your "results" set is large (several hundred thousands files) Gemini becomes very unresponsive. My initial scan consumed 7GB of RAM and 25GB of virtual memory. I ended up having to force quit because it wasnt able to cope well with that much at once. I was able to use the information from that scan to clear out a lot of duplicates manually and then run a few smaller more focused scans. Re-ran the initial scan and the results where down to under a half TB and less then 100k files - consuming only 2.5GB of both virtual and real memory and the program was very snappy in comparison to some of the earlier scans where I would have to click a button and go do something for 20-60 minutes before it would respond. - Did not utilize more then 1 core/cpu. - The shredding animation. In addition to being a bit tacky its confusing imagery when the program is just moving files to the trash and not deleting/shredding anything. - Being asked to rate this app by the program on second launch and having Clean My Mac (Which I have no interest in) being advertised to me after each run.


Excellent for most types of files. It would be nice to have some options; but, it is always my 1st choice.

Finds duplicates that aren’t really duplicates

This app does find duplicates. Unfortunately, it finds files by name only apparently. Some of my photos have the same number assigned by the camera but are not really the same (have no idea why since I just download them and leave them alone). If i had deleted “duplicates” without checking first I would have deleted many files that were not duplicates. I deleted the app but at least I got to pay for it.

buy before you make duplicate selections

You cannot delete until you buy. but any slecting work is a waste. You cannot execute deletions until you close and reopen after purchased.

Does what it says it will - and does it well!

Money well spent!

Necessary app!

Even if you have a huge HD you need to keep things organized, and this app makes a really nice treat to halp you do that! I love this app a lot!


If you are buying this product, and you are wanting to clean your Photos album, forget it. It won’t clean it at all. Get Photo Sweeper, it does a fine job. Gemini does fine for scanning for duplicate files outside of your Photos library. It did find a lot of duplicates on my network shares. It is fast and seems to be reliable. I would have given it a higher rating had it been able to clean my Photos library. I did email support on this issue and they say it’s in the works but no promises. Response from support was excellent and within an hour. I do wish it would have an option to rescan a drive after you manully do some clean up. You have to select the drive/folder again to do another scan.


This app is all I hoped for. Simple and fast to use. And the price won’t break the bank. Well worth investment to sort out terrabytes upon terrabytes of pictures.

Don’t buy this app if you are using for audio or photos!

Does not do well at all finding duplicates of audio or photos. It will find duplicate files if the files are named exactly alike. It will not identify files that are “close” to duplicate, even if the difference is only one character. Very disappointed with this software as *most* duplicate finder apps have some sort of parameters that can be tweaked to find “less” or “more” similar files. This app has no preferences for filters or algorithm tweak. Don’t waste your money unless ALL you want to do is find exact file name duplicates on your drive.

Useful *but* annoying

TLDR: This app works well but it is extremely annoying to use. For example, I drag-and-dropped a folder of numerous pdfs and it found several duplicates. Great! But here’s how I had to delete the duplicates: (1) Select each file with duplicates from a list. (2) Click on checkboxes for individual duplicates to delete. (3) Mouse to the top of the screen and click “Remove Selected” (4) Wait for a drop-down ‘page’ listing the duplicate(s) to be presented. (5) Mouse to the bottom-right of the screen and click “Remove” (6) After wiating for an unnecessary paper-shredder animation to conclude click an annoying pop-up to either continue or do a new scan. You can’t get rid of the pop-up in #6 by hitting escape, and you can’t quickly delete anything (or choose anything with the keyboard). If you have lots of files to go through this becomes tedious and the unavoidable skeumorphic animation becomes obnoxious.

Waste of money

I have duplicates all in my photos. It didnt find one. I want my 10 dollars back!

When All Said And Done…..

Gemini Pulls Through!! I think most users of the Applicatioin will agree that its a little quirky and sometimes frustrating BUT,...Look at some of the other programs out there I find this App to be the best as far as I’m concerned. Apples Dup finder in ITunes is just plain horrible. Apple should be embarrassed. Gemini allows you to search Multiple drives and Cloud Drives at the same time. The amount of Dups that it programs can be deceiving say it finds 5 gigs of dups when really its 2.5 gigs! How can you include the Original file as a duplicate? The App does search apple photos for duplicates now and does a pretty good job. I highly recommend

Finds only exact duplicate file names.

I had thousands of songs and albums from years of adding to iTunes for multiple PCs, iPads and iPhones. I wanted to pull all of the songs off of all of the devices and store them in one place. I ended up with 45 Gig of songs and I knew that there were a ton of duplicates. I had almost 7,000 files to go through and hundreds of folders, so thought that I’d look for a program that could find the duplicates. I bought Gemini and ran to find duplicates. It only found about 100. Those were files that had the exact same name. Gemini did not compare the physical file, so most of the duplicates were not ever detected. I ended up using iTunes to find the duplicates. I had to load in the 7000 files then used iTunes duplicate finder. It was not only able to find the files that were physically the same, but also grouped them into the same folder. Then it allowed me to delete the duplicates. Needless to say, this was $10 wasted